Prioritizing Health & Safety

We hope you and your loved ones are staying healthy and safe while the current health crisis continues to unfold. As an ‘essential’ business providing tree care that is directly related to our customers’ or the public’s safety, we remain ready to serve you.

Please know that the health and safety of our employees, customers, and communities is of utmost importance to us. As has been instructed by local and national health agencies, we are maintaining strict social distancing and protective measures, as well as rigorous sanitizing practices, on job sites and in our offices.

We welcome any questions you may have about our tree care practices during this unique time, and look forward to serving your tree care needs.

Tree Healthcare: Program

The key to sustained good health for your trees is regular treatments and frequent monitoring. Our tree healthcare program includes all of our tree healthcare services, should you have a different vendor for tree care services. At scheduled intervals, a professionally trained technician visits your property to assess the status of your trees. This ensures early detection of any problem, allowing us to adjust treatment and formulas as needed. Programs are customized to your specifications and needs, and are available on a monthly, quarterly or annual schedule.

Services include:

  • Tree healthcare services, including monitoring, disease diagnosis and treatment
  • Monthly, quarterly or annual site visits with written reports and pictures outlining our recommendations and/or concerns (including liability concerns)

Tree Healthcare: Individual Services

Our tree healthcare services are also available separately, on an as needed basis. Please call us to obtain an estimate or schedule the service you need.

Diagnostic Evaluation

Atlas' personalized service starts with a complete inspection of your property, providing a comprehensive evaluation on the current condition of your trees. We inform you of any existing or potential concerns, and advise you of all available treatment options. We then design a treatment program to meet your specific needs and expectations, involving you as a partner in the tree healthcare process.

Sub-Surface Fertilization (Soil Fracturing)

Good soil condition and nutrient content are the most important factors in the continued health of your plants. By examining your soil, we determine the composition, missing nutrients and moisture content, and then create a fertilization formula specifically for your trees and shrubs. Using our state-of-the-art injection equipment, we perform a two-step application. We first inject high-pressure air below the surface of the soil to break up compaction and provide the roots with oxygen. Next, we shoot liquid fertilizer directly into the root-feeding zone where it becomes available for absorption by your plants. We provide proven formulas to complement each phase of the growth cycle and include both immediate and time-release nutrients for short and long term health benefits.

Systemic Trunk Injection

Insects and disease can pose a serious threat to your landscape. While fertilization strengthens the immune system of your plants and helps them to withstand the damaging effects of pests and disease, it will not eliminate them. Extensive research has shown that the injection method, applied in the same manner as liquid fertilizer, is not only the best, most effective application of pest control, but also the most environmentally sensitive. Your plant health care program may include twice yearly, systemic injection for long-lasting pest and disease management.

Four invasive species we especially look out for:

  • South American Palm Weevil (affects Date Palm trees)
  • Goldspotted Oak Borer (affects Oak trees)
  • Shothole Borer (affects 58 species of trees, including fruit trees)
  • Western Pine Beetle (affects Pine trees)

Date palm trees destroyed by palm weevil infestation.