As a homeowner, you want your landscape to be beautifully kept, including your trees. Well-maintained trees can live for generations, enhancing the esthetics and value of your property well into the future.

At Atlas Tree Service, we specialize in long-term client relationships and will work with you to fulfill your vision and ensure that your trees are thriving from year to year. Our team of certified arborists and crews work hand-in-hand to deliver the care and maintenance each of your trees need, while adhering to all industry standards for tree care and safety. We also ensure complete clean up after each visit, and are always respectful of your property. Our goal is to deliver quality service, from our door to yours.

A few of our residential clients

  • Gary Gould Estate
  • Bill Walton Estate
  • The Manor Estate
  • The Trepte Estate

And other private estates and residences throughout San Diego County.