Trees are an invaluable asset that can help beautify and increase the value of your property. Meticulously manicured and properly maintained trees offer welcoming shade, can help decrease energy costs, reduce liability, and may be the enhancement on your property that welcomes and retains tenants and visitors. From office parks to shopping complexes, golf courses, and apartment communities, our team can help you properly care for your trees and maintain the overall appeal of your property.

At Atlas Tree Service, we have what we call the Proactive Arborist Approach, which means we are continuously looking out and providing the right solutions for your ever-changing tree care needs, with both esthetics and safety in mind. Our team is also required to keep up-to-date on all training and certifications, to ensure we are delivering the best tree care using the latest methods.

As a friendly and collaborative group, we will work cohesively with your landscape company and other industry professionals (including landscape architects, developers, attorneys, insurance companies, utility companies) to achieve your vision and deliver solutions that meet your needs. Additionally, our on-point budget forecasting and ability to manage multiple sites can save you costs, and assure reliability and consistency of service.

A few of our commercial clients

  • Popular theme park in San Diego
  • Aquatica Water Park
  • Bazaar Del Mundo
  • Encinitas Ranch Town Center
  • Girl Scouts of America
  • Harbor Island Marina
  • Marina Village
  • Ocean Hills Country Club
  • Poway Parkway Business Association
  • San Diego Zoo
  • San Diego Tennis & Racquet Club
  • Sorrento North Retail
  • Trepte Industrial Park
  • Walter Anderson Nursery