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HOA Custom Tree Management Program

  • Provide a comprehensive yearly plan to aid in improving the overall health and condition of the trees growing throughout the association. This will include the identification of hazards and liability concerns that may have developed due to improper tree placement.
  • Recommendations for proper tree pruning and care. This is accomplished by assessing your current tree inventory and recommending selective tree removal, where necessary. (Eliminating problematic trees will help reduce repair and maintenance costs and stop wasted spending on trees that are not contributing to the overall condition, beauty and value of the property.)
  • Each tree is individually assessed and targeted for pruning or removal based on the following areas: Tree health, structure, and apparent stability; Dead, dying, or diseased trees; Current or potential property damage; Tree overcrowding; Species desirability; Future maintenance concerns; Potential for tree or limb failure; Consideration of the total tree population; Existing and potential tree hazards; and Overall aesthetics.
  • Prioritize the need for pruning trees that are most in need of maintenance at this time. Priority pruning will be completed in the first phase of the plan. Note that not all trees of particular species may be pruned in the same phase. Trees will be designated for pruning on an as needed basis. Regular pruning will help reduce overall tree related costs through fewer emergency calls due to tree and limb failures.
  • An inventory of all trees will be plotted on a map with color codes.